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Fatema, Carlos, Noelle, Trang, Ray, and Kelli, hiking on a beautiful day.

Noelle and Ray having fun on Angel Island.

Trang, Ray, Carlos, Andrei, and Will, eating lunch after a hike.

View from the top of Mount Livermore on Angel Island.

Will, Kelli, Ray, and Trang working out. Carlos and Jerry are hidden.

The lab celebrating Aarati getting her doctorate! Dec 2018

Aarati's mom Jyoti made everyone delicious food for Aarati's graduation!

Different moods of Ray and Sarah

Joint meeting with Saul Kato's lab (Oct 2018)

Nando's farewell party at Crissy Field (from left to right: Kelli Benedetti, Noelle L'Etoile, Katie Mellman, Sarah Woldemariam, Aarati Asundi, Trang Duong, Fernando Munoz-Lobato, Bo Zhang) (Sept 2017)

Noelle at Brain and Body Nightlife at Cal Academy (Sept 2018)

Noelle (center) at Brain and Body Nightlife at Cal Academy (Sept 2018)

Kelli (left) at Brain and Body Nightlife at the Cal Academy (Sept 2018)

Ray at Brain and Body Nightlife at Cal Academy (Sept 2018)

Kelli "helping" Ray set up at Brain and Body Nightlife at Cal Academy (Sept 2018)

Neuron studying The Beautiful Brain- drawings by Santiago Ramon y Cajal (photo by Kanaga Rajan)

From left to right: Katie Mellman, Kelli Benedetti, Axel Bethke, David Posner, Aarati Asundi, Sanjeev Balakrishnan, Fernando Munoz-Lobato, Atsushi Suzuki, AJ Ablaza, Noelle L'Etoile, Mary Futey, Chantal Bruggemann, Veronica Valdez, Sarah Woldemariam, Bo Zhang

From left to right: Mary Futey, Chantal Bruggemann, Noelle L'Etoile, AJ Ablaza, Katie Mellman

Chantal's farewell party (From left to right: Mary Futey, Bo Zhang, Fernando Munoz-Lobato) (Oct 2015)

Katie the Hawk at Parnassus

Kirby Leo (former summer intern) presenting her work

Noelle and her minions

Bi-Tzen's Farewell Party (From left to right: Chantal Brueggemann, Klaus Kruttwig, Bi-Tzen Juang, Sarach Gerhart, Mary Futey, Noelle L'Etoile) (June 2013)



Flyer for Bo Zhang's talk at the UCSF Chromatin Club

Wormspotting (from left to right: Jin Lee, Julia Kaye, Noelle L'Etoile, Jeff Eastham, Gloriana Gallegos)

A stem cell and a neuron discuss genetics over a cup of tea (photo by Kanaga Rajan)



Kelli Benedetti (left) and Katie Mellman (right) kayaking at Tomalas Bay

March for Science - SF Civic Center (April 2017)

Livin' it up at the Hotel Nematoda (photo by Kanaga Rajan)

Nando at the end of a 12 hour sleep assay



Cinematode Productions presents "Sleepless in San Francisco" ft. C. elegans

Aarati Asundi presents at the HSW6/7 Research in Progress Seminar March 2018)



Noelle discussing anything but her haircut

Counting worms? Or maybe something else....?

Bi-Tzen Juang (left) and Noelle L'Etoile (right) and the Golden Gate Bridge (June 2013)



Trang Duong at the International C. elegans conference-UCLA

Contamination- a modern art piece



We love all sorts of creatures! Case in point: Marvin the Rhinocerous Beetle (picture by rotation student Bridget Kajs)

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